With a rich legacy of over 20 years, SBW Co., Ltd. Has collaborated with global PPE giants to supply highly functional industrial gloves across various sectors. Their commitment to enhancing the working efficiency of their clientele has positioned them as a leader in the industry. Building on decades of experience, SBW has also introduced a new brand, TERACUT®, aiming to redefine the PPE landscape forever.

GLOVEWAY® is a brand launched by SBW Co., Ltd. with the aim of revolutionizing the personal protective equipment industry. Through ongoing investments in research and development and leveraging extensive human networks, we have successfully achieved a balance of “affordable pricing, exceptional quality, and prompt delivery” in our business operations. Our mission is to assist our partners in achieving successful sales, while also prioritizing the development and distribution of eco-friendly products. We are committed to offering competitive products that can excel in national markets, thanks to our optimized logistics system.
Furthermore, we’ve introduced TERACUT GRAPHINUS™, a yarn designed to address the shortcomings of traditional cut-resistant gloves, such as reduced comfort, skin allergies, and rough texture. TERACUT GRAPHINUS™ incorporates graphene composite technology into UHMWPE yarn, enabling the use of composite and plied yarns similar to steel yarn. Even without the addition of glass fiber or stainless steel yarn, it attains a high cut grade (C~F or A3~A6) in compliance with European (CE) and American (ANSI) standards. This breakthrough opens the door to an innovative new product line in personal safety gloves, redefining the industry paradigm.

We will do our best to be a more trusted and more beloved company to our customers over time. In order to keep this self-esteem now and in future, we will keep try our very best with a flexible approach to changes in the external environment and will always sell only honest products.

Thank you.