SBW Co., Ltd. has been supplying highly functional industrial gloves to a variety of industries through joint R & D with a world-renowned PPE (personal protective equipment) company for over 25 years and, by improving the working efficiency of our customers through this, it has eventually contributed greatly to the development of our business. Based on the know-how accumulated for many years, SBW has launched a new brand “GLOVEWAY®” in order to become a company that creates a new paradigm now and for ever in the field of PPE industry,

Through continuous R & D investment and human networks along with the realization of “reasonable prices, superior quality and timely delivery”, GLOVEWAY® are supporting our business partners so they can achieve successful sales. Also, we provide eco-friendly products and, by securing competitiveness through optimization of the logistics system, we are striving to supply highly competitive products that can be the best selling product in markets of every country.

Just as a delicate hand-craftsmanship of excellent craftsmen creates a masterpiece, GLOVEWAY® will brighten the hand of craftsmen to be a level higher. We will do our best to be a more trusted and more beloved brand to our customers over time. In order to keep this self-esteem now and in future, we will keep try our very best with a flexible approach to changes in the external environment and will always sell only honest products.

Thank you.